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The Definitive Guide to Getting started with homebrew spirits

The Definitive Guide to Getting started with homebrew spirits

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How a Simple Hobby Turned into thousands in Savings — Discover the Secret Inside!

Dear Aspiring Homebrewer,

Picture this: It’s a crisp Friday evening and you're hosting a gathering at your home. Your friends are enjoying lively conversations, laughter fills the room, and the clink of glasses underscores a perfect night. There’s one special twist — all the spirits being poured are crafted by you, right in your kitchen. Not only do they taste divine, but each sip is a reminder of the thousands you've saved this year alone. Sounds incredible, right?

That’s the reality I discovered and now I want to share it with you through my book: "The definitive guide to getting started with homebrew spirits. How you can save thousands brewing in your own home "

Let me take you back to the beginning. a few years ago, I was just like you, tired of spending excessive amounts of money on spirits and cocktails. I loved hosting and enjoying good drinks, but the costs were unjustifiable. That’s when I stumbled upon the art of homebrewing spirits. Initially sceptical, I soon realised the potential after my first batch of homemade spirits. Not only was it rewarding, but the savings were undeniable.

At H I am asked frequently about how to get started with homebrew. So after many "presentations" of this information to a variety of customers, I have sat down and condensed it all for you, that was how we go here to this e-book.  

 Here’s what you’ll gain from this guide:

  1. What essential equipment you need to get started: What it's used for and why it's needed
  2. Unmatched Savings: Dive into true cost of producing high-quality spirits at home versus commercial costs
  3. The brewing process: Before you dive in and spend up big on equipment, this section will help you understand whether brewing is for you or if its a passing phase.
  4. Understanding Flavouring Basics: Learn how to pick essences that suit your taste, creating unique flavours that can’t be bought in stores.

After I have spoken to customers in store, a lot get excited by the prospect of homebrewing and the savings that can be had and impulse buy all their equipment, they get their first round of supplies to make their first batch and then I never see them again.

If I do see them again in the store and ask about how the homebrew is going, they tell me the same story, I didn't realise it would take so long, I didn't realise it was that involved, I didn't know it would be work.... or some variation and the equipment has ended up sold on Gumtree or buried in their garage or garden shed.

I don't want that for you, I want you to really understand what you are getting into before you spend a cent on a still or a fermenter. Homebrewing is NOT for everyone, it's for those who have a bit of patience, a spark of curiosity and are part mad scientist. 

Homebrewing is an adventure, and I want you to experience it. But I also want you to sustain it and enjoy the process. That's the real reason I wrote this book, because I believe being educated before making the hefty purchase brings you success from the get go. 

So are you ready to transform your kitchen into a craft distillery? Click here to grab your copy of "The definitive guide to getting started with homebrew spirits." and start the journey towards becoming a homebrew hero.

Enjoy your newfound hobby and the incredible savings that come with it!

Warm regards,

Candeece Falland

Hear it from someone who was helped by the draft of this book:

"Candeece is very knowledgeable, after spending a couple of hours with her in the store, she took the time to help me understand the brewing process and the equipment I needed. I wasn't going to even bother, but she sent me a draft of this book so when I got back to Melbourne we were able to get started with confidence." – Jodie D., Melton, Vic.

Legal Disclaimer:

The information provided in "The definitive guide to getting started with homebrew spirits. How you can save thousands brewing in your own home" is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author of this guide are not responsible for any actions taken by the reader, and do not advocate or encourage any illegal activity related to the distillation or production of spirits. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws regarding home distillation in their region. The author disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the use of the information provided in this book. Please drink responsibly.



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