Flyscreen Replacement Service

Revive Your Home's Comfort with Our instore Flyscreen Solutions

At Strathalbyn H Hardware, We Make Fly screen Replacement Easy, so easy that if you don't want to do it yourself, we can do it for you. 

Strathalbyn H Hardware welcomes all homeowners and renters facing the common hassle of damaged fly screens. We understand that with little children and furry friends, your screens and doors don't always stay intact and pristine.

If you have every danced the tradesmen tango, you know you can't always control when they show up to do the job, and we understand you don't always want to do it yourself, which is why we can do it for you.

Our Onsite Services:

 Fly screen Replacement Services:

  • Quick and Easy: Bring your damaged screens to us, and we will replace the screen for you. All you need to do is chose what screen you want to put in.
  • Immediate Assistance: Our team is always ready to provide hands-on help and advice if you want to do it yourself.  

Extensive Range of Fly screen Supplies:

  • Diverse Materials: Choose from fibreglass, aluminium, and pet-friendly paw-proof options. Aluminium and Paw-proof are available in 910mm and 1220mm widths for doors and windows. We also stock framing aluminium and spline if these too have been damaged. 
  • Customised Solutions: We can build frames for you onsite if you bring in the measurements

 Why Strathalbyn H Hardware is Your Ideal Choice

  1. Self-Reliance: Empower yourself with the skills and materials for DIY fly screen repairs.
  2. Cost-Effective: Save money compared to hiring external help, you can either DIY with our supplies or we can do it for you at the fraction of the cost of getting a tradesman. Plus there is no hassle with them not showing up. 
  3. Community Support: Get friendly, expert advice from your local hardware specialists.

 Ready to Take Control of Your Home Repairs?

Visit us at 37 East Terrace, Strathalbyn, and discover how easy and fulfilling DIY fly screen repairs can be.

Don't let a small tear bring down your home's comfort!

Contact Us Today or Drop by Our Storefor a quick fix and friendly advice.

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