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Still Spirits Dark Rum (bundy style) 50ml Essence

Still Spirits Dark Rum (bundy style) 50ml Essence

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Still Spirits Dark Rum Essence is a distinctive blend that captures the essence of a traditional dark rum. It's infused with rich, dark molasses tones and exudes the full flavour of Jamaican rum, reminiscent of the popular Coruba Dark style. This essence is ideal for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of a well-crafted dark rum.

- Rich Molasses Tones: Offers a deep, robust flavour profile typical of classic dark rums.
- Versatile Application: Can be added to neutral spirits or vodka, transforming them into a premium dark rum.
- Easy to Use: Simply mix the essence with your chosen spirit for instant flavour enhancement.
- Packaging: Comes in a 50ml size, perfectly measured for home brewing enthusiasts.
- Ideal for Home Brewers: A perfect addition for those who enjoy creating their own spirits at home.

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