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Naturally Good Cow Manure 25L

Naturally Good Cow Manure 25L

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A well structured soil is essential for plant growth and Brunnings Cow Manure provides a balanced and nutrient-rich soil conditioner for your garden. It can be added to all soil types prior to planting or to recondition the soil and supply much needed nutrients to plants.
Brunnings Cow Manure is a natural material which is an ideal soil conditioner for adding to light, sandy soils or heavy soils lacking in organic matter.
Dig it into the soil when preparing garden beds, or spread it around most plants and rake in to promote vigorous, healthy growth.

- A high quality manure which has been properly composted to reduce smell and improve texture.
- Promotes vigorous healthy plant growth.
- Suitable for all trees, shrubs and garden beds including vegetables.

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