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Manutec Tomato Tablets 20g

Manutec Tomato Tablets 20g

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Tomatoes are considered 'heavy feeders,' requiring a consistent supply of water and nutrients throughout their growing season. It's essential for growers and gardeners to identify any early signs of nutritional deficiencies and rectify them using suitable fertilisers or nutrient products. This proactive approach helps minimise any adverse effects on plant growth and fruit quality.
Fertilisers specifically formulated for tomatoes typically contain higher levels of potassium, which encourage robust flowering and fruiting. Manutec offers slow-release tablets designed to meet the nutritional requirements of tomato plants from planting through to harvest.

To fertilise, wait until the tomato plants have become established and are approximately 15cm in height. Apply two tablets per plant, positioning one on each side at a distance of roughly 10 to 15cm from the stem. Place the tablets about 10cm deep into the soil and cover them with soil. Under normal conditions, two tablets should provide adequate nourishment for a single plant throughout the entire growing season

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