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David Grays Winter Grass Killer 125g

David Grays Winter Grass Killer 125g

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David Grays Winter Grass Killer is a 125g product designed to effectively eliminate winter grass. This powerful formula is specifically formulated to combat the growth of winter grass, providing a convenient solution for homeowners and gardeners. David Grays Winter Grass Killer works quickly to kill winter grass, providing visible results in a short period. Say goodbye to unsightly winter grass patches in no time.

- Targets winter grass, effectively eliminating it from your lawn and garden areas
- The formula offers broad coverage, allowing you to treat larger areas of your lawn or garden with just one pack
- Winter Grass Killer product is sold as a fine powder which is mixed with water for application.
- Product must be watered-into the soil to be effective on germinating seed.
- Ideally applied around Mid-Autumn or as the climate gets colder and the days get shorter, and will be effective during the entire Autumn-Winter-Spring cycle.

This product should not be used on Kikuyu lawns, but is OK for Buffalo and Couch lawns

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