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Strathalbyn H Hardware

Archer Chain Loop Semi Chisel - 3/8" LP .050, 50DL

Archer Chain Loop Semi Chisel - 3/8" LP .050, 50DL

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Archer Chain Loop
Pitch: .3/8"LP
Gauge: .050"
Length: 50DL
Type: Semi Chisel

Steel - Archer only uses high quality Nickle Alloy Japanese steel to manufacture saw chain, the quality of the steel ensures toughness and durability.
Industrial Chrome Plating - All Archer Saw Chain cutters are plated with hard industrial chrome. This process yields superior edge-holding qualities to other types of plating.
Honed Sharp Cutters - Archer Saw Chain is sharpened after assembly to cut fast out of the box.
Roto Peening - All Archer Saw Chain cutters, drive links and bumper links are shot peened for increased tensile strength.

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