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Brunnings Fast Action Weed Kill RTU 1L

Brunnings Fast Action Weed Kill RTU 1L

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Brunnings Fast Action Weed Kill is a rapid acting weed killer that will show visible results in 24 hours. It is suitable for paths, driveways, garden beds, lawn edges and rockeries. The Fast Action formulation kill all weeds it contacts but is non-residual enabling plants to be grown in the treated area, normally within 14 days of treatment. This makes it ideal for garden beds.

- Shows visible results in 24 hours on most weeds and grasses.
- Non-residual.
- Rainproof after 2 hours
- Ideal for spot applications.
- Kills the entire plant including the roots.
- This product is not a selective weed killer so caution should be used around other plants including lawns.

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