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Brunnings Easy Wetta - Potting Mix 70L

Brunnings Easy Wetta - Potting Mix 70L

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Brunnings Easy Wetta Potting Mix is a specially formulated potting mix containing a rich blend of composted organic materials and soil wetting granules to provide an improved soil structure and enable the soil to hold water and nutrients longer. Our combined soil wetting granules assist in quick and even water penetration. Ideal for containers, indoor and outdoor plants, hanging baskets, potting bulbs and re-potting of indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs and ornamentals.

When to re-pot?
Most plants require re-potting into larger containers at regular intervals, usually once a year until they reach a stable size. When the roots are coming out through drainage holes it is a good indication that it needs re-potting. For Best Results

Water the plant in its old pot and allow to drain. Select clean pot 25mm-50mm wider than old pot. Cover drainage holes with stones and partly fill with potting mix. Carefully knock plant out of old pot and if necessary loosen root system. Position plant in centre of new pot. Fill around the edges to the root ball with potting mix to within 20mm of the top of pot and firm down gently.

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