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Still Spirits Creme De Menthe 50ML

Still Spirits Creme De Menthe 50ML

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Experience the refreshing burst of Still Spirits Top Shelf Creme de Menthe, a premium liqueur essence that brings the invigorating taste of peppermint to your homebrew creations. This essence, packed with creamy peppermint notes, transforms any neutral spirit into a top-shelf green liqueur. It's an excellent choice for adding a minty zest to cocktails, desserts, or hot beverages.

- Clean and refreshing peppermint flavour.
- Perfect for mixing with neutral spirits or vodka.
- Contains 50 ml, enough to make 1.125 litres.
- Ideal for both cocktail enthusiasts and home bakers
- Add essence and 760ml Alcohol @ 40% to SS Liqueur Base "A" - code 55033 (made up as per Liqueur Base "A" instructions). Alternatively 200ml Sugar and 100ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125 L with water.

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